Mark started playing the piano in second grade. In eighth grade he taught himself how to play guitar. Back then you had to go to a local music store and but sheet music. As he learned the songs he sang along. In his first band, nobody else could sing so he became a singer.

Mark went to college for Electrical Engineering and Computer science. As soon as he was done, he left to be an actor for $50 per week. Mark has been in countless theatre productions. He played Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar for a full year.

Mark has met a whole lot of talented musicians and singers along the way and still likes to work with them for live gigs as well as studio recordings.

Mark has 3 sons. They inspire him every day. During Covid, Mark re-assessed his life and turned his attention back to music.

So, now Mark spends his time re-learning songs he knew years ago and adding to his portfolio as new music is introduced (and as old music is re-introduced).

Mark is currently working on several projects and wanted a place where his friends could go to see when and where he is playing next. Mark also wanted to include events he thought you would enjoy, even if he wasn't playing.

Please enjoy the site and please enjoy your music.



Tim is an accomplished guitarist and is the driving force for Second Chance. Tim was born on the Southside of Chicago. Some of his Rock influences include Lee Pickens, Leslie West, Ted Nugent. Some of his Blues/Rock influences include Johnny Winters, Freddie King, BB King, Lucky Peterson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien

Jim Wiersma

Jim is in the Rock band that has no name. He plays a mean electric guitar and knows how to select tunes that people love. He also has a way of putting his own stamp on the song.

Tim O'Brien

Ken Kazin

I went to high school with Ken and played in a band called Trix in the 80s and 90s. Ken is the driving force behind Minor Annoyance. He is a full-time musician and teacher and can play a boat load of instruments. I love when he is drumming rock-and-roll.

The Koop

Koop (a.k.a. The Koop) and I have been collaborating for years. He is an excellent song writer, plays guitar, bass and harmonica and is the driving force behind Dash Red and Koop-n-Korres Acoustic.

Dave Renaud & Swing Nouveau

Dave is the band leader of Swing Nouveau. I sub with this band from time to time. I once did a whole summer with the band culminating with a gig at Milwaukee's Summer Fest. Great musicians! Great guys! (and girls)